Create a file
Create file

Example: Upload a file

1. Create file in Rightsline

POST: (NOTE: file_name char is required)
"title": "Test File",
"template": {
"templateId": 1
"characteristics": {
"file_name": "final.pdf",
"notes": "This document has been signed",
"parentRelationship": [
"parentCharTypeId": 4,
"parentRecordId": 100
A successful response will return the following payload:
"id": 2687,
"link": {
"url": "https://*********************",
"expiration": "2021-04-20T22:44:58.314Z"
You will use the url in the response body to upload the file.

2. Upload file data

When uploading the file, you do not need to include any Authorization header, as the URL is already authorized to upload to the specified location.
PUT https://********************* \
--data *file binary*