Making paginated search requests

In order to retrieve all objects from a search request, we recommend the following approach:

  1. Send a search request where start = 0, and rows = 100.

  2. The search result will contain a property called numFound. If start + rows < numFound, then there are additional records to retrieve. If this is the case, increment the start parameter by the value of the rows parameter. For instance, if numFound = 200, then add 100 to 0 and assign this value to start and make an additional search request, this time with start = 100 and rows = 100.

  3. Repeat step 2 until start + rows >= numFound. When this is the case, you have retrieved all relevant records for your search request.

.NET C# Example

public IEnumerable<Entity> SendPaginatedSearchRequest(SearchRequest request)
    var entities = new List<Entity>();
    bool isAdditionalRecords = true;
        var result = SendSearchRequest(request);
        if (request.Start + request.Rows < result.NumFound)
            // Additional records to retrieve. Increment start by rows.
            request.Start += request.Rows;
            // All records have been retrieved.
            isAdditionalRecords = false;
    return entities;

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