🆕What's new in v4?

The new features and endpoints available as part of v4 of the Rightsline API.

Bulk requests are now available!🎉

You are now able to retrieve, create, modify, and delete up to 100 records/relationships with a single API request. You are also able to execute workflow actions on up to 100 records with a single request. Simply create a batch request with the desired record IDs, and then retrieve the batch to return the requested records.

We have added the ability to retrieve audit history for any record in Rightsline, as well as get specific details about what value was changed for each audit history entry.

It is now possible to create, read, update, and delete currency conversion configurations via the API.

🖼️Key art

You are now able to update and delete the key art for catalog and inventory records.

We have added additional endpoints to be able to retrieve more information about template configuration.

  • Draft templates - Retrieve draft templates for an entity. The draft template IDs in the response can be used to execute workflow actions that create a document (see below).

  • Retrieve a specific template by ID - In addition to retrieving all configuration templates for a given char type, you can now specify the ID of a specific template to retrieve even more details, such as parent and child related templates, and any associated parties.

  • Retrieve a specific field on a template - You are also now able to retrieve details about a specific characteristic on a template.

Execute workflow actions that create a document using our new execute document workflow action endpoints.

In v4 of the Rightsline API, we now allow larger file uploads exceeding the previous 10mb limit. See an example of how to upload a file here.

Add or remove values from master value lists and pick lists.

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